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Founded in 1997, Montgomery & Graham, Inc. are one the Northwest’s leading insurance companies. From Seattle to Vancouver, and Portland to Salem, the insurance firm has helped numerous companies, workers, and individuals plan for their healthcare and future. They specialize in employee benefits and company wellbeing to protect a business’s greatest assets. They use strategies to find out the needs of a company’s employees and help with retention. And they have worked out the most innovative ways of achieving plans that offer the benefits employees want, while helping the company save.

They ensure that employees get all of the assistance with benefits they need. M&G carries out research and surveys to determine what workers need most. They engage with different aspects of employees’ benefits like life insurance, retirement planning, as well as medical and dental plans. As a reputable company, they ensure that workers get these benefits by collaborating with their clients. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. go further than that. And handle all the administrative duties like contacting the insurance providers and claims paperwork are handled by the company to ensure that everything goes on well.

They equally help businesses plan risk management and asset protection. Property and casualty management are not easy. Many risks are involved in managing a business. With bumps, traps and other uncertainties in the business world today, business owners are always seeking out effective ways of minimizing risks and maximizing profits. The best way to attain this is to get property and casualty insurance. Montgomery &Graham, Inc. help set up cost effective commercial insurance that will work best for your company. They provide different services ranging from business interruption insurance to fleet safety programs and contract reviews. They provide services in all areas to ensure total protection of all of its client’s assets.

Apart from helping employers plan the benefits of their workers, Montgomery &Graham, Inc. are also concerned with helping individuals with insurance. People seeking out any type of insurance coverage could rely on M&G for the right kind of insurance coverage at the right price. Many different insurance services are available at the company. Whatever might be your insurance needs, whether it is health insurance, property and life insurance or several others, you are assured of getting the help you need. They will teach you the various options available to you, the differences between each option and the benefits you could gain from these options. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. are in business to help their clients save money and improve their well-being. They know how to get you the best policy.

For more than a decade, Montgomery & Graham, Inc. have helping Washington and Oregon employers to benefit from innovative insurance programs. Many clients would testify that M&G is the best thing that ever happened to their employee benefits and company healthcare. When you use the services of M&G, you will benefit in many ways. It would give your company the time to do the things they know how to do the best, which are running and managing your company while the insurance experts at Montgomery & Graham, Inc. take care of your workers insurance benefits. You do not need to bother about the paper processes. And with value added offers to clients like MG Advisor and MG Wellbeing your care are guaranteed. The focal point at Montgomery & Graham, Inc. is a clients wellbeing, employees’ satisfaction, and business protection.

Here’s What Happened When One County Invested Millions In An Employee Wellness Program


SEATTLE – When King County, Washington, launched its employee wellness program seven years ago, its motive was clear. “We were being eaten alive by runaway medical costs,” says the county’s top executive Dow Constantine.

But it doesn’t explain why this employee wellness program, which received an innovation award this year from Harvard University, has far surpassed all others in employee participation, health improvement and health care savings.

The program’s unusually high financial incentives for participation and an extensive outreach program to promote it are credited in large part for the program’s success.

In its first five years (2007 to 2011), the county’s “Healthy Incentives” program invested $15 million and saved $46 million in health care spending with sustained participation by more than 90 percent of its employees.

Evidence shows that workplace health programs have the potential to promote habit-forming healthy behavior, improve employees’ health knowledge and help workers get necessary screenings, immunizations and follow-up care. The Affordable Care Act encourages employers to expand wellness programs by loosening federal regulations that limit the financial rewards employers can offer workers for reaching certain health goals such as quitting tobacco use.

Here’s how the financial incentive part of the program works:

In the past, county employees didn’t pay a share of insurance premiums, but they did pay deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays. Healthy Incentives allowed workers to shave $200 off of their $500 deductible simply by filling out a health assessment form. They could get another $200 knocked off if they completed an “individual action plan,” such as attending six Weight Watchers meetings at work, completing five phone sessions with a tobacco cessation coach or learning how to better manage diabetes.

The program also encourages the use of less expensive generic drugs by increasing the co-pay for name-brand drugs from $15 to $30, while decreasing the co-pay for generic drugs from $10 to $7. These changes, put in place in 2010, resulted in $2.4 million savings to the county and a $1 million savings to employees.

What is Group Health Insurance


Group insuranceis an insurance that covers a group of people, usually who are the members of societies, employees of a common employer, or professionals in a common group. Group coverage can help reduce the problem of adverse selection by creating a pool of people eligible to purchase insurance who belong to the group for reasons other than for the purposes of obtaining insurance. In other words, people belong to the group not because they possess some high-risk factor which makes them more apt to purchase insurance (thus increasing adverse selection); instead they are in the group for reasons unrelated to insurance, such as all working for a particular employer.

Insurable Groups can broadly be classified as mainly two types – ” employer – employee ” groups where all members work for the employer proposing to cover them or “affinity” groups, whose members have a commonality other than employment – say deposit holders of a bank.

Group Health Insurance is also provided. It provides healthcare coverage to a group of people belonging to a common community (typically as employees of a company). These plans are generally uniform in nature, offering the same benefits to all employees or members of the group. However it can be customized to offer benefits by designation and profile of employees. Most professionally run companies today provide Group Health Insurance as a part of their Employee Welfare program. Each company however gets the plan customized based on the employee demographics. Typically companies use broker services to design their plan, and negotiate with insurance companies.